Professor Margot Weiss has taught at Wesleyan University in the departments of American Studies and Anthropology, with an affiliation in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, since 2008. She established Wesleyan’s Clusters in Disability Studies and Queer Studies, and she teaches courses in queer theory, the anthropology of sexuality and gender, ethnographic methods, and social theory.

Regularly offered courses:

Social Norms/Social Power: Reading “Difference” in American Culture (AMST 117/FGSS 117). This is a first year seminar that explores intersections of difference, norms, and power, drawing on a range of queer and American studies materials. syllabus

Critical Queer Studies (AMST 201). This course is an interdisciplinary introduction to queer theory, and the foundation for the American Studies concentration in queer studies.  syllabus

Politics of the Body (AMST 293/FGSS 294). This course explores the politics of embodiment, focusing especially on queer, trans, and disability studies approaches. syllabus

Sex, Money and Power: Anthropology of Intimacy and Exchange (ANTH 203/FGSS 223). This course explores the commodification of various intimacies–sexual and social–drawing on recent ethnography.  syllabus

Global Queer Studies (AMST 233/ANTH 233/FGSS 233). This course explores global experiences of LGBT/Q life, bringing an explicitly transnational lens to a field too often dominated by U.S.-centered perspectives. syllabus

Theory 1/2: Anthropology of Affect (ANTH 295/6). This course, a required Theory course for majors, explores a range of theories of affect –sensation, emotion, intensity, movement–and their intersection with anthropology. syllabus

Crafting Ethnography (ANTH 208). This course, the required methods course for the Anthropology major, is an introduction to ethnographic research and writing.  syllabus

Future Visions: Temporality and the Politics of Change (AMST266/ENGL 265/ANTH 205/FGSS 266). This course, co-taught with Professor Amy Tang (English and American Studies), is an experimental, cross-disciplinary exploration of the politics of temporality, history, and political change. syllabus

Social Movements Lab (CHUM 355/ANTH355/FGSS 355/AMST 357) This intensive, project-based research seminar (POI) guides students in an independent, semester-long research project on the social movement or activism of their choice. syllabus

Queer Activism and Radical Scholarship (AMST 286). This course is an exploration of queer radical intellectual work in and outside of the academy, and the politics of the contemporary university. It has a substantial research component. syllabus.

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 101). An introduction to cultural anthropology. syllabus

Queer/Anthropology: Ethnographic Approaches to Queer Studies (ANTH 398/FGSS 398/AMST 398). This advanced seminar explores the possibilities of combining queer theory and cultural anthropology. syllabus

Senior Seminar (ANTH 400). This is the Capstone seminar for all Anthropology majors writing a thesis or essay. Syllabus.

Graduate Liberal Studies

Anthropology of Sexuality (SOC 601). This course is an introduction to the anthropology of sexuality. syllabus